Crampsie Smith Affordable Housing Task Force advances

Latest post in a series on Affordable Housing

Back in November Gadfly gave a shout out to Councilwoman Crampsie Smith, who announced that she was forming an Affordable Housing Task Force.

“Affordable Housing” — housing for the middle class, not low income subsidized housing — was a chant Gadfly heard from the very beginning of his tenure.

And here the Councilwoman was taking a concrete step to directly deal with this persistent issue.

At City Council last night the Councilwoman gave an impressive status report on her efforts.

The Task Force has already met 5 times.

Think about that!

Their purpose is to “raise the awareness of all the different entities on the fact that there is a housing crisis in America” and, of course, in our town.

A crisis that our spate of new high-end, luxury condos can’t assuage (wow! great SAT word I don’t often get a chance to use).

The Task Force aims “to come up with a series of best practices of how we can address the lack of housing that is affordable for the middle class, the working class,” that Crampsie Smith will then bring as recommendations to Council.

Gadfly particularly calls attention to the fact that prominent Bethlehem developers — Messrs. Perucci and Benner — are on the Task Force.

Now we’re talkin’!

So we again applaud the Councilwoman and eagerly look forward to the fruits of the Task Force.

Listen in (3 mins.):

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