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Facebook January 3, 2021

Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance


Remember when two-faced Bethlehem City Council members insisted they never publicly stated they were going to defund the police?

Well, on December 10th, current Councilman Willie Reynolds (who we have it on good authority is about to announce his candidacy for Mayor) participated in a “How to Run for City Council” Zoom meeting where he was giving advice to the same local Marxist group that demanded the defunding and elimination of the police.

Slick Willie’s master plan is to become mayor and then pack city council not just with the leftists who already sit there but with Marxist radicals who called the Bethlehem police an evil machine and said they didn’t want to hear from any more white people but we just want your money, frankly.

Are you going to allow Marxist radicals and their puppet to take over the City of Bethlehem?


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2 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance asks a question

  1. This is all pretty awful commentary. Incendiary and off-putting. Not an opening for a conversation. Hope it does not represent this group.

  2. Its a bit on the disgusting side that 1,400 people would consider this to be the language and behavior of “good neighbors” .. The fear mongering, making up “pet names” for elected officials who don’t bend the knee to your every whim…. all straight out of the playbook we have all been watching for 4 years now and we know the ending. I guess my question to my actual good neighbors is are you going to allow a group of right wing zealots to control the narrative? We have learned the hard way that being arrogantly dismissive of these types of folks ends badly; especially for the most marginalized of us.

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