The virus speaks

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Since I am
I must be
be that what nature has bequeathed upon me
a role not of my choice
but one I am destined to fulfill
for my existence demands you as host
a kindness demanding your demise
and as you know my nature
you plan my demise
and I must be vigilant
to preserve who I am
for me to preserve my nature
such is the way of life
each to be what I am
my role is my destiny

I am referring to the common virus. I have for the moment assigned it our traits. As a dog cannot meow and a cat cannot bark, they are restricted by their nature to act like dogs and cats. So all forms of living beings suffer by that restriction, except we humans who exist as nature’s highest form and as such have privileges such as living outside of our nature. A virus, being a low form, but what if a virus could communicate and be free to tell us that it does not enjoy what is forced upon it but must live within its nature? Have we, as humans, lived within the best which our nature can allow? Is a lower form living within its nature evil by our definition if it wishes only to live to survive? The universe does not need us or really care whether or not we exist. Our egos demand it. We are simply part of a process. How has free will, that special gift relegated to just the highest biological form, served man?

Stephen Antalics

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