Draft Climate Action Plan now available for review and comment

Latest in a series on Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan

City Climate Action Plan page

The draft Climate Action Plan
Public comment form: January 6 deadline

The penultimate step in the process to develop a Climate Action Plan for our city is upon us.

The full final draft of the CAP is now available on the City web site.

‘Tis there for your perusal, and comments and questions will be taken till January 6.

We can look forward to the implementation of the CAP shortly thereafter.

Gadfly has told the story several times in these pages of looking for some sort of comprehensive planning document, political agenda, or vision statement when he first donned his wings 2+ years ago.

In what direction was the City heading, he wondered? What goals were we working toward?

What he discovered was Councilman Reynolds’ Bethlehem 2017 document.

And in that interesting and impressive document you will find the genesis of the Climate Action Plan.

The dream of 2017 becomes the reality of 2021.

Pretty damn good.

Gadfly tips his hat to the productive ensemble of Councilman Reynolds, Mayor Donchez, Public Works Director Alkhal, Deputy Public Works Director Dorner, other City staffers, Lynn Rothman and the Environmental Advisory Council, and consultants Jeff from WSP and Kate from the Nurture Nature Center.

The CAP is really quite a forward looking achievement.

And Gadfly bets a lot of people said it couldn’t be done.

And now it’s another thing that makes Bethlehem a special place.

Councilman Reynolds called the development of the CAP “historic.”


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