The virus is living next door to the Gadfly

Latest in a series of posts on the coronavirus


Excellent story and video on how the virus spreads, even with masks on.

Gadfly just learned the family living across the wall from him as well as their extended family are all infected.

14 of them.

No one in hospital.

One has pneumonia, one is on the verge of pneumonia, one is not “bouncing back” well.

The others suffer coughs, fatigue, and various etcetera but seem to be responding satisfactorily.

They didn’t tell us, learned by accident.

They were all together across the wall Thanksgiving.

Stay Safe.

Help keep others safe.

3 thoughts on “The virus is living next door to the Gadfly

  1. Be careful Mr. Gadfly. Sad for your neighbors. It’s an awful thing.
    Thank goodness the President acted so decisively early on … or it would be a lot worse. Who would have ever expected this crazy virus to be hurting so many people. So sad.

  2. Dear Gadfly,
    It is a bit shocking to hear of people not disclosing their infections to those so near to them. Especially when those nearby are at heightened risk.

    Having said that, I must respond to my always kind neighbor’s response to your post. I am not pleased to have to; however, I can not allow the president’s actions vis-à-vis the pandemic be described exclusively as “decisive.”

    I suppose it could be possible to do a worse job handling the Pandemic than our current administration has done — we have vaccines nearly ready to deploy — but it is hard to imagine when you compare our infections and deaths to other countries’, in light of our wealth, infrastructure, and scientific know-how.

    Nonetheless, it is the president’s indifference to setting an example regarding masks and distancing that I find his most callous, and inexcusable behavior.

    His greatest, most solemn duty was to protect Americans.

    How many people might be alive today as a result of his simply donning a mask in public and insisting on social distancing? (He could have been proud of that and even trademarked “Don a mask.”)

    Many people looked up to him, but, instead, he insisted on holding mask-less and non-distanced rallies. Incredible! The power he held to PREVENT rather than encourage infection.

    And we’ve seen these statistics:
    (1) South Korea’s population (~52mill) is ~1/6 of ours and yet they have had less than 600 — yes, less than SIX HUNDRED TOTAL DEATHS — that’s 2/1000ths (.002) of our deaths, or 295,000 LESS(!), and
    (2) in June, the US comprised just about 4% of the world’s population but accounted for 25% of the world’s cases and was second worst in death rate! Not one of our finest achievements.

    Greg Zahm

    For timelines showing many of Trump’s actions and statements:

    — “A Detailed timeline of all the ways Trump failed to respond to the coronavirus” (Cameron Peters, Vox, June 6, 2020), through May 27, 2020

    — “Timeline of Trump’s Coronavirus Responses”

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