Home stretch on the historic Climate Action Plan

Latest in a series on Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan

“This is a really exciting time for us. . . . I really think this is going to be an historic document for the City of Bethlehem.”
Councilman Reynolds

Climate Action Plan

This ain’t chopped liver, my followers!

Yesterday in the third public meeting of the development process, the draft of the Climate Action Plan was presented. Prime players Councilman Reynolds and Deputy Director of Public Works Matt Dorner were in attendance. The draft will soon be on the City web site, and further public comment is possible there through January 6. And shortly thereafter the Plan will be released and operation will begin.

Councilman Reynolds introduction (2 mins.):


Consultant Jeff on the working groups (2 mins.):


Consultant Jeff on vision and principles (3 mins.):

Gadfly will post on a few highlights of yesterday’s meeting and will advise you when the draft is available for perusal and comment on the City web site.

Climate Action Plan

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