“Clearly, our system — our paradigm — of justice needs correction”

Latest in series of posts in the wake of the George Floyd murder

re: “Do not let lethal force be the means by which you de-escalate the situation”


Does BPD’s training compare to or include anything similar to ICAT?

I think I recall considerable efforts to improve the Dept, especially since the failed, lethal siege of some two decades ago. This is not to say, angrily, defensively, or otherwise, that BPD is near perfect or imperfect. That’s why we must look inward. To serve ALL.

Thankfully, Philly Councilman Gauthier used the phrase “sanctity of life,” which I don’t hear much anymore. Does it ever end? WHEN does one’s conflict with another’s?

While we all want to keep things simple — such as “When someone threatens another’s life,” recent and  historical events show us otherwise. And it’s not always the same for different people. So many scenarios involving the mentally ill (and not just among the poor). And then there’s systemic and personal bias which relate to lack of socio-cultural understandings, and others, as well as early childhood education that takes place in the home.

Clearly, our system — our paradigm — of justice needs correction. I am grateful for the protection I have received thanks to police and also for the actions demanded to reevaluate Bethlehem’s approach to policing and, more broadly, to strengthening community through uniting and using our resources to help HEAL ALL of its subgroups.

To me it is a MUST. Many have called for it. You might want to see no change. Then express that. Hopefully all will do so open-mindedly.

We owe ALL our brothers and sisters no less.

Greg Zahm

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