Councilwoman Negron: stop the lies!

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

We come to an end of Gadfly’s coverage of the December 1 City Council meeting. You have heard lots of voices. Gadfly loves these voices. Both our elected officials and our ardent residents.

Most recently we have been listening to Council voices. You can really learn something about these people by hearing their voices, no?

And I hope you can recognize them by their voices.

When Gadfly started Gadfly he used to put pictures of the Council members up and ask you to identify them. He did that because he quickly learned that there were a decent number of followers who couldn’t name the Council members and, of course, couldn’t “recognize” them either.

Gadfly wants you to know them, know them well, especially if they are on the ballot next time ’round.

But, he wonders, could you recognize their voices if he put up some audio clips without identification?

Maybe will do that. Would be an interesting exercise.

But we’ll end this thread of posts with one voice you can’t miss.

Councilwoman Negron.

And she’s on fire here!

Listen —

7 mins.

  • I’m very upset right now.
  • [Thanks Councilpeople Reynolds and Crampsie Smith]
  • Thank you for calling the group that is spreading fear, especially among the elderly . . . they are scared.
  • They are spreading lies, lies.
  • This is not fair.
  • As a woman of color that has been hurting about everything happening in our nation . . .
  • [Recounts her work history and experience with the police]
  • That’s what I did for frickin’ fve years!
  • I know we can do better, I know how to do it better.
  • So it is appalling to me . . . that somebody would just come up and say this is what they are doing.
  • It is wrong.
  • Stop the lies.
  • I am really happy we have a brand new Chief of Police, I am very proud of her.
  • And I know that under her leadership, we are going to do a whole lot better.
  • The role that we have as members of Council . . .
  • You want to fire me, go ahead, I don’t pay for my rice and beans for the $185 I get from City Council.
  • Stop threatening for something that has no value.
  • You wake up and smell the coffee.
  • It is wrong.
  • Something that you need to understand is [both City and Council have roles and services they need to provide] we can not just eliminate public safety and police and hire 50 case workers.
  • It doesn’t work that way.
  • We are not in the case worker business.
  • [Police and Health Bureau working together]
  • [Working with Pinebrook]
  • [Northampton County and Lehigh County have great crisis programs]
  • We need to do a better job sharing this information with our community.
  • We have a great service [at the county level], we don’t have to reinvent the wheel for something the city is not meant to do.
  • That is what the county Human services do.
  • [Mental health and drug court]
  • They get treatment according to their need.
  • I am really appalled that some individuals took it upon themselves . . . to scare half of the city.
  • That has to stop.

One thought on “Councilwoman Negron: stop the lies!

  1. I agree with Negron, Reynolds, and Crampsie Smith. The so called alliance is just spreading lies. At every instance they try to equate defunding the police with abolishing the police. One should understand that that is not the case, or they are being duped. In either case they are wrong, one way by outright lying, and the other way by being simply duped.

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