LVGNA marches to victory (6): We won!

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance

Thursday, December 3



2 thoughts on “LVGNA marches to victory (6): We won!

  1. While LVGNA deserves free speech, THEIR speech advocates curtailing others speech through incendiary, libelous and slanderous rhetorical attacks and performances disregarding science/data for anecdote and anger. A sample of their labels for those open minded enough to listen to all citizens:“Marxist”, “Marxist Crusade”, “Radicals”, “Far Left”, “Leftist”, “Oddball”, “Indoctrinating”, “Infiltrate the government”, “Master Plan”, and “Power Grab”.

    THAT is NOT a victory for our city and democracy but a move toward authoritarianism through intentionally divisive, repressive insult and epithet with the purpose of EXCLUDING fully informed decision making.

    Have we entered a new, post-democratic era?

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