Drum roll! Draft Climate Action Plan debuts December 9

Latest in a series on Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan

At City Council Tuesday night, Councilman Reynolds, who initiated plans for the CAP, reminded us of the important meeting coming up next week.

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The City of Bethlehem will host an online forum on Wednesday, December 9, to present a draft of the City’s Climate Action Plan. The Plan, which is being developed throughout 2020, will outline measures, policies, and strategies the City can support to reduce Bethlehem’s contribution to climate change and to adapt to the risks of a changing climate, such as extreme temperatures.

During the online forum, the City and consultants WSP and Nurture Nature Center will introduce the draft of Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan, including its objectives, strategies, and proposed implementation approach. The Plan addresses a range of sectors, from buildings to transportation to education, with a focus on environmental justice considerations. Participants will then be asked to share their thoughts on what is included in the Plan. A period of public comment on the draft will follow the virtual meeting. All Bethlehem residents and businesses are encouraged to provide comments on the draft Plan, which will be posted on the City’s website.

Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan will establish local priorities for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change while locally improving public health, protecting Bethlehem’s environment, and strengthening the city’s economy. The Plan will also include a climate hazard vulnerability assessment and outline measures, policies, and strategies the City, its businesses, and residents can take to reduce climate-related risks, such as increased flooding and extreme temperatures.

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