Virus rules for colleges

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While it’s on my mind.

Gadfly has been worried about oversight of testing on our college campuses.

Pennsylvania finally issued rules for testing at colleges and universities.

Moot now because our local sites of higher learning have cleared out.

But Gadfly hopes that someone is making sure Lehigh and Moravian follow the rules when things start up again.

Both had spikes at the end of classes.

Lehigh has a lot of people living in the community, Moravian not so many but neighborhood residents have registered their concerns with Gadfly.

Let’s make sure they follow the rules.

The following from the Morning Call, November 17 and 18:

College, universities

In addition to travel and mask rules, Levine announced these new recommendations for colleges and universities:

  • Colleges and universities should implement a testing plan for when students return to campus following the holidays, and establish routine protocols for testing.
  • Colleges and universities should have adequate capacity for isolation and quarantine and should be prepared to enforce violations of established policies such as mask wearing and physical distancing.
  • Every college and university should test all students at the beginning of each term, when returning to campus after a break and to have regular screening testing throughout the semester/term.

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