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Latest in a series of posts on the Arts in Bethlehem

“it’s a cool and eclectic and kind of funky place. So keep South Bethlehem funky.”
Kim Carrell-Smith

Southside Arts District Public Art project


“To me, I love the eclectic, diverse, family that we are in the South Side. It is the kiddos from Broughal practicing on their field, it is the Lehigh student sitting in the UC front lawn, it is the incredible skate park and both the kids and adults practicing some gnarly moves, it is the Roger Hudaks, Marianne Napravniks, Winston Alozies that are the heart and soul of our community. To me it’s the local businesses that consistently show up and give to our community and work tirelessly to make our community the best it could possibly be . . . it is our local non-profit leaders that continue to fight the good fight and meet our community needs. Southside is resilient. And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”
Carolina Hernandez


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