The debate over the pedestrian/bicycle bridge

Latest in a series of posts on the pedestrian bridge

City Council, November 17, 2020 video
begin min. 2:06:01

Budget Hearing, November 19, 2020 video
begin min. 36:40

Pedestrian/bicycle bridge feasibility study
Funding sources: DCNR grant $40,000; Northampton County grant $60,000; City funds $40,000 = $140,000

ref: The budget dance (3): the pedestrian/bicycle bridge

As promised, here is the back and forth between Councilman Callahan and Councilman Reynolds.

At City Council the debate opens with longish comments by both parties, then 3 instances of sparring.

At the Budget Hearing, Councilman Callahan probes Mr. Alkhal for items that the City is behind on, and 6-7 minutes in to the conversation he hits on ADA ramps which look like will be the subject of his budget amendment transferring the $40,000 from the pedestrian bridge line item.

The clips are longish but worth listening to.

We can learn a lot about each Councilman.

The narrative is like a short story developing.

Gadfly likes to lay these things out for you first.

What are you thinking?

ADA ramps (be sure to listen to Mr. Alkhal’s description) or a pedestrian bridge study?

City Council, November 17

Callahan 1 (7 mins.)

Reynolds 1 (7 Mins.)


Callahan 2 (3 mins.)

Reynolds 2 (3 mins.)


Callahan 3 (6 mins.)

Reynolds 3 (1 min.)


Callahan 4 (2 mins.)

Reynolds 4 (4 mins.)


Budget Hearing November 19

Callahan 5 (13 mins.)

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