The Wage Equality Ordinance passes

Latest in a series of posts on wage equality

The much reported on in these pages wage equality ordinance passed last Tuesday at the City Council meeting.

This ordinance — first introduced by Councilman Callahan last December — was a long time coming.

The original ordinance was amended by Councilwoman Van Wirt at the most recent Human Relations Committee meeting.

Followers can review the history of the ordinance by clicking “wage equality” under Topics on the sidebar.

Here Councilman Callahan provides the now familiar background and rationale for the ordinance (12 mins.):

Curiously, though Councilman Callahan referred to the fact of Councilwoman Van Wirt’s amendment, he made no mention of its specific substance or connection to his part of the ordinance.

An oversight?

So, here Councilwoman Van Wirt explains her amendment, her part of the final ordinance (2 mins.):

Whereas the original Callahan part protects a person applying for a job, the Van Wirt new part of the ordinance protects a person “in” a job.

Good complementing.

Councilwoman Crampsie Smith explains her important contribution to the ordinance, the definition of “gender” in the final ordinance to include all genders, calling attention to the multiplicity of gender definitions emerging these days.

Good inclusion.

The discussion of the ordinance as amended ended a bit curiously. President Waldron’s response to the ordinance, well, to the first part anyway, was rather tepid. He noted that the original proposal was “flawed,” and he felt that that part of the final ordinance would have “little effect” on the lives of people in Bethlehem. He indicated that the first part of the final ordinance had been termed “virtue signaling” (2 mins.).

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