Looking closely at the LVGNA position

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

ref: Putting the Heat on City Council (1)
ref: Putting the Heat on City Council (2)
ref: Community Engagement Initiative resolution approved July 7

Followers know that Gadfly loves citizen voices.

There’s a lot coming at us in the two documents from the Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance, and it comes at us in a dramatic, highly stylized, and even sensationalized way.

So Gadfly has taken a step back and tried to boil their position down to a few bullets in order to think more clearly about their position.

See if you agree with the following:

  • Council passed a Community Engagement Initiative resolution July 7.
  • The purpose of that resolution was to defund the police department, endangering public safety.
  • In creating and passing that resolution, Council listened only to advocates of defunding.
  • The advocates of defunding who spoke July 7 favored the resolution.
  • Council actively ignored, discredited, suppressed (censored?) opposing views.
  • The conscious, intended effect of the Community Engagement Initiative is to exclude some people from the community (such as those who oppose defunding the police).
  • Council is a monolithic body, 7 people all on the same page, operating in unison as one body.
  • This monolithic Council has a radical political agenda.
  • Reliable sources, necessarily unnamed, have revealed that the monolithic Council has discussed defunding in secret, perhaps in violation of the Sunshine Laws.
  • LVGNA activists have stopped Council’s police defunding scheme and continue to work to preserve public safety in Bethlehem.

to be continued . . .

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