Chief Kott outlines her new plans at the budget meeting

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

Here’s the beginning of the Police section of the 2021 Budget book — the narrative section that precedes the line-by-line items.

The Chief selected certain items here and on the following pages to talk about at the Budget meeting on November 9.

Gadfly has selected here the portion of the Chief’s presentation dealing with new programs, which are his special interest (5 mins.).

The Chief talks about:

  • integration of a social worker
  • community engagement events
  • collaboration with other departments
  • specific kinds of officer training
  • record keeping/tracking — complaints, etc.
  • foot/bike patrols in low/moderate income areas (Yosko and 5 Points)
  • dealing with quality of life issues: abandoned vehicles, grass cutting, house structural issues, etc.
  • the goal being to increase community non-enforcement interactions

With each public appearance, the Chief gives more details of her thinking.

Give a listen.

One thought on “Chief Kott outlines her new plans at the budget meeting

  1. My take away? We didn’t get any real direction on the quality/cost/focus of any training; who will take it? When? and frankly a part time social worker for a city of 76,000 people is…. as the citizen comments mentioned…. insulting

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