A better use for the pedestrian/bike bridge money?

Latest in a series of posts on the pedestrian bridge

At City Council November 3, Councilman Callahan, catching wind that the Mayor would be proposing the loss of 4 firefighters in next year’s budget stressed by the pandemic, sought to find out if money committed last year on the pedestrian bridge was spent and, if not, whether it could be reallocated, making the case that public safety is a higher priority.

Councilman Callahan also suggested that the money might be allocated to wi-fi for students, a need made evident in the pandemic and to which Councilwoman Van Wirt called attention.

The Councilman further argued that he had video of our three bridges showing considerable already available and hardly used walking/riding space.

He suggested that we need to “put our priorities in order” in this pandemic time and that funds for the bridge would be a “total waste of money.”

One thought on “A better use for the pedestrian/bike bridge money?

  1. Bicycles are supposed to ride in the roadway, not on the sidewalks. Photos showing limited traffic at certain times do not mean it’s safe for cyclists at other times of day. (You will recall that there were two serious car v. bicycles accidents on Fahy bridge a few years ago.)

    Bicycles riding on the sidewalks is a hazard for pedestrians, since some cyclists are just as rude and thoughtless as motor vehicle drivers.

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