BAPL fundraiser! book sale tomorrow Saturday 10-2

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Saturday, November 7, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Main Library
from Josh Berk:
 Since we aren’t able to host book sales as usual, we’re hosting a drive-up version of the popular BAPL book sale. The date is November 7 at the Main Library. It will feature lots of holiday books and other great items for sale. The sale scheduled to run 10-2 or until supplies last. The way it works is that you simply drive up to the Main Library at 11 W. Church St. and buy a bag of books for $5. We’ll have bags for kids and adults as well as popular themes, but the exact contents of each bag will be a little bit of a mystery. Please note that the sale is cash only and that no change can be given. Drive on up and get an assortment of surprise reading material for just a few dollars while supporting the library!
The pandemic has of course hurt BAPL’s fundraising this year. If you can’t attend the sale, please consider donating. Our library is special. How many small city libraries do you know that have a publishing operation? And think of all the resources and programs on racism so relevant to a main issue this year the library has provided.

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  1. Our library is a real asset! Do check out the fine print in their newsletter – they are also doing ‘browsing the stacks’ time by appointment only, and lots of programming. Worth a look.

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