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Gadfly stopped by the Armory today.

Things a’changing.

Work has progressed on the street. The 2nd Ave. median is gone. Traffic is now using just the west lane.

But some things haven’t changed.

Some neighbors have been looking for a commitment from the City to inspect their houses from the pounding that was going on.

Remember that.

There is some uncertainty about the composition of the hill on the west side of the site on which the houses sit that raises the question of present and future structural damage caused by construction.

Some neighbors are looking for a commitment from the city to inspect the houses for such damage periodically. Which seems reasonable.

From what Gadfly can determine, the city has punted that request to the developer.

The developer’s point man on this project is John Callahan, former several time mayor of Bethlehem.

The project under Mr. Callahan’s point-ship succeeded in gaining controversial variances in the double figures — maybe a record number — from the city and withstanding large and concerted neighbor concerns.

Mr. Callahan’s email address is still (his tenure in office ended in early January 2014), an intimidating immediate reminder of the power he once wielded and maybe in some sense can still access.

Gadfly would not bet on Mr. Callahan agreeing to the kind of commitment neighbors would like.

But we’ll see.

One neighbor who called in to the October 6 City Council meeting mentioned lawyer.

With hope that this will be continued . . .

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