Favoring the proposed ordinance to regulate student housing

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Democracy in action.

Here is a menu of public commentary at the Community Development Committee meeting October 22, commentary in favor of the proposed ordinance to regulate student housing in the city.

The issue is the life of a neighborhood.

Important issue.

Check out these models of citizens making their case.

What is the problem this proposal addresses? (Smith 1 min.)


How was this proposal developed? (Smith 1 min.)


What kind of neighborhood is it, and what kind of danger does it face? (Moglen 1.5 mins.)


What’s the effect of student rentals on a neighborhood. Why don’t people like to live near students? (Jennings 1 min.)


What has increased student housing done to your neighborhood? (Evans 2 mins.)


How does a first-generation immigrant see the Southside and this proposal? (Malek 1.5 mins.)


If this ordinance is passed, can everybody finally relax? Job done? (Grubb .5 mins.)

Those brief clips above cannot capture the good oratory of the Bethlehem residents pleading their cause at the meeting. Please take advantage and listen to the full comments from these models of active citizen participation.

Kim Carrell-Smith (5 mins.)

Justin Collins (3.5 mins.)

Julie Cordero (2 mins.)

Anne Evans (5 mins.)

First Terrace resident 1 (2 mins.)

First Terrace resident 2 (3 mins.)

Dana Grubb (3.5 mins.)

Alan Jennings (5 mins.)

Ham Malek (5 mins.)

Seth Moglen (5 mins.)

Tony Pompa (3.5 mins.)

Marc Rittle (3 mins.)

Anna Smith (5 mins.)

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