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Latest in a series on Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan

Gadfly calls attention to Hannah Provost’s detailed article in Southsider about the second community meeting October 7 on the developing Climate Action Plan.

Gadfly called attention to this important meeting, but there is much more substantive information in Hannah’s article.

The key thing is that we now have the opportunity to provide input to the draft plan that will be presented at the next public meeting.

Gadfly encourages you to read Hannah’s article and to make your contributions.

Time is short.

Input will be accepted through Sunday, November 1.

Hannah Provost, “Bethlehem Seeks Community Response to Climate Action Plan.” Southsider, October 27, 2020.

“The City of Bethlehem and consultant WSP are actively constructing the Bethlehem Climate Action Plan (CAP), and currently are seeking community feedback about their proposal. On October 7th, 2020, the City hosted the second community-wide webinar during the design process. The October CAP community meeting presented the progress for the design of the CAP based on the previous community response, and further garnered community input, this time on more specific possibilities and strategies. In November, the design committee, lead by Jeff Irvine, for the Bethlehem Climate Action Plan will present a draft of the plan to the community in a third webinar, with an opportunity for further feedback. Ultimately, the full plan is scheduled to be completed by the first quarter of 2021. This article captures the ongoing community dialogue about strategies for city wide environmental justice, and highlights further opportunities for the reader to have their voice heard and contribute to the construction of the Climate Action Plan.”

To identify climate hazards facing Bethlehem on our community map, visit (1-2 minutes)

To review the plan’s full list of draft strategies and indicate your priorities, visit (As little as 5-10 minutes)

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