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Latest in a series of posts in the wake of the George Floyd murder

Bud Hackett is a Bethlehem resident who raised 4 kids in the City. He recently became very interested in quality of life issues in the city and hopes to offer a balance to the approach City Council is taking.

ref: NCC interview with Justan Parker (1)

Here Mr. Gadfly is a different perspective. Maybe not from NCC, but still good, I think

Very thought provoking video.  It asked me some tough questions that when considered, help me make some choices:
•       I want free speech and protection of my (and others) religious values.
•       Don’t want all this cancel culture people telling me what I should and shouldn’t say and think.
•       Best way to help people is with a job. Want policies that grow the economy.
•       Taxes are much too high, government seems to take enough of our money. I share my wealth with my church and the social organizations I can see doing good work. Don’t decide for me where my money should go.
•       Don’t refund the police, help to make them more effective and cost-effective. Not surprising that some communities want less police involvement in their affairs, like the loud motorcycle and loud car community clearly do not want police out there telling them to be quiet.
•       Schools taxes are amount my greatest expense.  Just not seeing the value with so many kids coming out with bad attitudes and low skills. Need more school choice. Why does 50% of my school tax go to support teachers pensions so they can live so much better that I will ever live. That’s fair?
•       Before President Obama, the heath care crises was about costs, then they increased the number of folks getting free health care. So who pays? The payer community – me.
•       Immigration, is it any surprise that the liberal Democrats want more people in the country who will vote for Democrats?
•       Energy and climate is a balance. Don’t shut the economy down to reduce risk to zero.
•       We are part of the international community, but we shouldn’t have to pay to support and defend all the other countries. Help those in need. Get others to pay their fair share.
•       We choose an America that treats people fairly, encourages good work so that more people can be healthy, wealthy and kind.

Here’s the video:       https://youtu.be/D5eIRVPduzI


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