Upward numbers continue at Lehigh; Moravian stats

Latest in a series of posts on the coronavirus

Lehigh University COVID-19 Information Center

Lehigh University COVID-19 dashboard



Now 101 off-campus students with confirmed cases.

Lehigh’s October 9 update indicates starting the spring semester later and canceling spring break.

Gadfly still looks for a public statement from the Bethlehem Health Bureau Director.


Moravian stats:

These figures are cumulative. Moravian shows no active cases on campus, 3 non-residential cases.

One thought on “Upward numbers continue at Lehigh; Moravian stats

  1. These numbers are reason for concern about students, the effectiveness of the preventive precautions, and the adequacy of the testing regimes. Students have been back on campus for about 6 weeks, which allows for at least 3 rounds of passing it on — where are the new contagions coming from if the testing is adequate? — Since COVID is most contagious before symptoms appear, it appears that testing is not catching new cases early enough to stop the spread and that the anti-contagion measures are inadequate or not being followed. We also don’t know whether the isolation measures are working or how serious the cases are.

    As always, statistics don’t give us answers, but are good for raising questions.

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