The Lehigh spike spikes

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That’s a 50% rise in confirmed cases in one day.

147 confirmed cases is 10% of the 1,500 students tested.

There are 94 confirmed cases in students living off-campus. Gadfly is not sure if the Southside Commons at Brodhead and Packer is considered off-campus, so he is not sure how many of the 94 are living “in” the Southside community.

But Gadfly is concerned about the impact on the Southside community and wonders what has been done to inform that community of the spiking spikes. He is not aware of newspaper coverage, for instance.

The Lehigh October 8 update says this to off-campus students: “For all off-campus students, we urge you to exercise great care in visiting essential establishments in the greater Bethlehem community, such as the grocery store or pharmacy and implore you to wear a face-covering both en route to, and when visiting, another location other than your residence and to practice social distancing. This guidance is important for your safety and for the safety of others in the South Bethlehem community.”

Again, Gadfly wishes good luck with that “urging” and “imploring.”

Again, Gadfly looks for a public statement from the Bethlehem Health Bureau Director.

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  1. Gadfly, have you contacted any reporters who cover south-side Bethlehem or Bethlehem as a whole? In your position it might be helpful to have that list handy.

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