Residents chatter about the Climate Action Plan around Gadfly’s water cooler

Latest in a series on Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan

  • I believe that these large warehouses should be required to have electric plug-in stations for the semis that transport products so they don’t need to park and idle all over the place while drivers rest.
  • I’m thinking about large rental communities involving the amount of recyclable materials that I see hauled away from trash dumpsters. Any residential property over 4 units is considered commercial and triggers different recycling requirements. More metal, cardboard, plastic, newsprint, and flatboard gets trashed than anyone can imagine. Resident renters at the Townhouses where I live are completely lackadaisical about separating recycling from trash.
  • Those warehouses are a mixed blessing — and from a sustainability POV, almost a curse when you consider megatons of freight moving by truck right through the LV.
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