CAP meeting seeks citizen input

Latest in a series on Bethlehem’s Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

Indicate your priorities and comment on the plan’s proposed goals and strategies using this survey by November 1. If doing the survey in stages, be sure to click “submit,” or your work will not save till the next time.

Help identify climate-related hazards and impacts in your neighborhood and community, such as extreme heat and flooding, using this community map by November 1.

Yesterday’s second public meeting on our Climate Action Plan was aimed mainly at laying out strategies and gathering citizen input on them. Please note the two opportunities linked at the top of this page where you can provide that input by doing a survey and by mapping potential hot spots.

A recording of this program will no doubt be provided in timely fashion, but Gadfly is going to jump in and take a post or two to invite you to get involved if you weren’t in attendance or if you want to review.

Jeff Irvine, consultant, lays out the purpose of the meeting (one min.):

Councilman Willie Reynolds, the driving force behind our CAP, says a few words of welcome (2 mins.):

Matt Dorner, Deputy Director of Public Works, brings us up to date on the substantial good work that the City has already accomplished in the area of sustainability (4 mins.):

to be continued . . .

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