Some notes on last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Capital Projects

Latest in a series of posts on the City Budget

Capital Project documents

City Council met as a Committee of the Whole last night, discussing the Capital Project documents linked above — no votes were taken.

This meeting went smoothly, and Gadfly understands that this ground will be covered again during the budget hearings that begin in November.

Some notes perhaps of interest:

  • Memorial pool: in great shape, final punch list being completed, on schedule to open in spring
  • Greenway: that section to the ball fields at the north-end of Saucon Park is planned to be completed next year
  • Sidewalks: substantial work planned for Southside, priority is doing worst shape first
  • Rose Garden: divided into a phase #1 and phase #2, phase #1 had to be scaled back a bit, but construction will begin shortly and be completed this season
  • Roads: we have 258 miles of streets, there’s a substantial re-surfacing back-log, $18m worth, we have averaged about $1m a year for last 5-10 yrs. on this, the biggest obstacle to catching up is funding

There was a bit of discussion on the conversions of Linden and Center streets to two-way. PennDOT involvement is far out (2030s), so the City is trying to get something done earlier. Linden St. is the priority: shorter span and benefit to commercial properties along it.

The Mayor announced that next year’s budget will be available November 15.

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