Residents chatter about a traffic stop video around Gadfly’s water cooler

Latest in a series of posts responding to the George Floyd murder

Vinnie Politan Court TV
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Gadfly caught this part of a conversation between two of his followers:

“Hey, thanks for sending me that Court TV video. Thanks, I think. That was hard to watch. That woman screaming. It was ringing in my ears long after I was finished. I don’t know how the cops kept their cool. My temples were pounding just watching the video!”

“We’ve all seen some very disturbing videos this year, the most horrifying being the George Floyd video. God rest his soul. This Connecticut video shows a woman freaking out when police stop her for a stolen car stop. It’s amazing how well behaved the police are, despite the screaming, the foul ‘cock-sucker’ language, and the ‘cameras in the face’ from by-standers with no tolerance for any police activity. How do any police tolerate this behavior?”

“We’ve heard a lot about bias training lately, there must be ‘Cool’ training. The cops sure showed that. One cop even tried to calm her down by showing the stolen car report. But the screaming was one thing but trying to move the car was another. Now that was a dangerous move — what was she thinking? — and her daughter is in the car. I wonder how old. I wonder if she could be aware of what’s going on. One thing I especially noted, though — did you hear it? — when she starts to shout ‘I can’t breathe.’ It scares me that Floyd’s tragic words will be misused to inflame situations now.”

“I did hear her say ‘I can’t  breathe’ and called for an ambulance. Agree, serious call for help is now a slogan. Am I an old coot because I am so offended by the foul language? How did we get here? What happens to a police person when they have to deal with that stuff all the time. Police techniques for de-escalation didn’t work. At what point would reasonable people agree with restraint?”

Such good questions. If somebody calls you a cock-sucker, that’s got to be fighting words. What does it do to you long-term to swallow that abuse without response in kind. Can’t be good. Frankly, I thought violence was going to explode any minute. I fully expected it. But did you see the cops employing de-escalation techniques? I’m not sure I did. The woman was hysterical, out of her mind. What’s the technique for dealing with that? With my kids I would just walk away. But I guess cops can’t do that. What do you do when someone is incapable of listening? Damn. There was a Black cop there — no help. Some by-stander was asking for a woman cop. Would that have helped?

Well, I would sa . . .

Police behavior is much under discussion these days. Would you want to continue the conversation on this episode?

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