What if your house was ground zero for the virus?

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Gadfly’s barber resists wearing a mask. Sees no risk around here. This might be an interesting way to dramatize the spread.

from the Washington Post:

The novel coronavirus has killed more than 200,000 people in the United States, and if you’re like us [Washington Post], you probably have trouble visualizing that catastrophe. Our graphics team has published a new interactive to help you do soIt maps every U.S. death as if they had all been your neighbors. You can simply type in your address, then watch covid-19 proliferate across your community and likely wipe it off the map.

3 thoughts on “What if your house was ground zero for the virus?

  1. When you see it that close to the people you know, it becomes more of a reality than just hearing news reports. It makes you think a little more and be more proactive to quell the spread. It can affect anyone…”There, but for the grace of God, go I” I think I will complain less about wearing a mask.

  2. One of the principal democratic party media strategies is hammer on,every hour, the number of covid cases. The intd result is to associate covid deaths with Trump.. a dump Trump tactic.
    Ok covid is bad, police are bad, white people are bad,Tump is bad.
    Are there any thinking people out there who are not being lead by the left wing and the media who work for them?
    Just wondering.

  3. Generalizing everything seems to be the root of most issues. The quote “one bad apple…” comes to mind.
    Corinavirus is bad. That is absolutely a solid statement.
    Trump is bad. Some say yes, some say no.
    But, not all.police are bad.
    Not all blacks are bad.
    Not all whites are bad.
    Most issues and people and groups are some shade of gray…some good, some bad.
    Mainstream media lacks the integrity of bygone days. Instead of reporting the news, without bias or opinion, it has become a race for the story to break first. Truth be damned…the correction will be on page 13 below the fold.

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