Italian American organization stands by its 1992 view of Columbus

Latest in a series of posts on the Columbus monument

“The discoverer of the New World was responsible for the annihilation of the peaceful Arawak Indians.”
American Heritage

Gadfly knows a number of his followers will visit the Rose Garden Farmer’s Market this morning. He invites you to seek out the Columbus monument in the northeast quadrant near 8th Avenue and think about the discussion on removing it. (Gadfly has learned that the committee appointed by the Mayor meets for the second time on Monday.) UNICO is the organization that provided the monument in 1992.

“Afterwards I sent to a house which is in the area of the river to the west, and they brought back seven head of women, small and large and three children. I did this because the men would comport themselves better in Spain having women from their land than without them.”
Christopher Columbus
(the men were slaves, the “seven head” of women were not their wives)

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