Gadfly interrogating BLM

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Gadfly is still pondering the work of Individual-1 in a 4000-word email/essay that he has called the most vigorous local attack on systemic racism that he has encountered, that completely contradicts Councilman Reynolds’ rationale for the Community Engagement Initiative, and who seems to speak for many of our residents.

Individual-1 titled his essay “Systemic Racism is a Lie.” Councilman Reynolds has said that progress toward the lofty goals of the CEI depends on how many people believe that “systemic racism is real” and are willing to fix the systems that “cause so much damage and pain.”

Game on.

So far you have seen Gadfly interrogate two aspects of Individual-1’s essay: first, what sometimes triggers violence in Black/police confrontations, and, second, the claim that no facts supporting systemic racism were presented at the August 11 Public Safety Committee meeting.

Yesterday Gadfly turned toward a major thrust of Individual-1’s argument: the roots of the notion of systemic racism in the Black Lives Matter organization. BLM according to Individual-1 is an anti-American Marxist terrorist organization — “criminal thugs,” “radical extremists,” making “outrageous demands.”

Strong stuff.

And Gadfly, who knows BLM only through often conflicting media reports, admitted yesterday not having a clear picture of the organization.

Thus, time to investigate and interrogate.

Gadfly spent 4-5 hours last night reading around — tip o’ the hat to Michele for providing some resources with which to start — and will need some time this morning to pull his thoughts together.

Please stay tuned.

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