Gadfly finishes the interrogation

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Finishing up his interrogation of Individual-1’s essay, Gadfly leaves you with these last few comments.

“Get the facts: Systemic racism is a lie”

7) Never experienced an act of racism in 30 years of law enforcement work: I think Inidividual-1 is confusing personal racism with systemic racism. (see 10 also)

9) I’m not a racist, I have Black friends: nobody said you were a racist. Claiming this is usually thought of as a “tell.”

14) Regarding Chauvin/Floyd, the hold is commonplace and an officer in a struggle for his life will use whatever means necessary: Office Chauvin was not in a struggle for his life.

31) The founders of BLM are self-described ‘trained Marxists’:  Remember Peter C’s comment: “What is the problem if someone is a ‘Marxist’ or ‘socialist’? How is that worse than being a self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ who shoots protesters? Or an ardent capitalist who screws employees and/or customers to enrich themself? Or a ‘law enforcement officer’ who breaks the law (and their oath) by targeting, harassing, or harming minority person or people exercising their Constitutional rights?”

31) The BLM leader who said if demands aren’t met, they’ll burn the system down: That was bad. That’s a member of the New York chapter. BLM works on a fluid, decentralized basis. This kind of thing is not condoned by headquarters. No one will suggest that individuals will not sometimes perform badly.

32) One of the BLM founders, Patrisse Cullors, was “inspired” and led by her “hero” Assata Shakur [a bad person, fugitive from justice]: Cullors was a teen when she watched police handcuff and haul her mentally ill older brother to prison where, later, she learned they kept water from him and tied him up, drugging him until he was incapacitated, beating and choking him until he passed out. She read and found comfort in Shakur’s autobiography. The Shakur line used at the end of BLM rallies came not from direct  contact but Cullors heard it from a friend. It is not clear there is much or any direct contact between Cullors and Shakur.

32) BLM is connected to Susan Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist sentenced in the 1980’s: Rosenberg renounced her terror work 30 years ago, and now she is an officer in the Global division of BLM. It is not clear that she has or had any contact with the BLM co-founders.

33) That Blacks are in fear of harm almost all the time is a false narrative: what about the evidence of the “Talk” videos collected here on Gadfly? Why would a Black artist create the “Target Practice” video?

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