The traffic stop as death trap

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“Our Voices Matter! Students from Allentown, Emmaus and
Parkland School District speak their truths!”

What are your thoughts on the funding of police, and
the policing in schools?

(min. 15:09 and min. 59:50)

“School Resource Officers: “They’re not there to help us”

for context and perhaps better sound quality,
go the the link above for the full video and begin at 59:50

Gadfly gasped so loudly at this section of the conversation among students facilitated by Allentown Councilwoman Ce-Ce Gerlach a month or two ago that Mrs. Gadfly came running.

The discussion is about School Resource Officers. The student lack of connection with those officers was not so surprising.

But the way a student’s mind went right to being killed at a traffic stop did.

The value of an SRO, she says, without irony, might be to give advice about how not to be killed at a traffic stop.

Being killed at a traffic stop. Such a reality in her mind that it comes right out in almost casual conversation.


What a way to live.

One thought on “The traffic stop as death trap

  1. wow. sharp comparison to my high school experience in 1987; we did all the same things I am hearing about today’s students. We fought sometimes, cussed out an occasional teacher, cut class and even sold some marijuana…. on school property (pearl clutching!) Yet never once was I in fear for my life; As I have jokingly mentioned my biggest worry was getting the right prom date. I’m not sure how today’s environment is fostering learning, sounds more like surviving

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