Joey Mutis III, Live from IceHouse Tonight! Tuesday, Sept 1, 7 – 8PM

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Live from IceHouse Tonight!

Mutis 1
photo Paul Willistein

Joey Mutis III of The Electric Farm

Tuesday, September 1, 7 – 8PM

The Electric Farm

The event will stream on the IceHouse Tonight Facebook page and the IceHouse Tonight YouTube channel.

from Dave Howell, “Up on The Farm: Joey Mutis sows seeds of album in creative fields of The Electric Farm rock band.” Bethlehem Press, August 22, 2020.

Joey Mutis III is best-known as lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for the rock band, The Electric Farm, and has rarely done solo gigs, even though his performance and original songs sound great in that format.

When Mutis sings and plays his acoustic guitar, you can concentrate on his sublime melodies and lyrics. His gentle presence and high, wavering voice makes him sound fragile at times, while at other times, his fluid guitar work gives him a power-pop sound. He reaches the goals he sets for his Electric Farm albums: “lots of atmosphere, beautiful and mysterious, that takes you on a journey.”

Mutis has been compared to everyone from Neil Young and Nick Drake to Pink Floyd in their more melodic moments. One producer said he sounded like “Donovan backed by the Alan Parsons Project.”

“I have some folk leanings but I’m not a folk artist,” Mutis says in a phone interview from his Germansville home. “I do what I do naturally. I follow my own path. I’m not trying to sound like somebody. I do what I do to make myself happy.

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