“The sky is falling” scenarios keep us stuck in the status quo

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When everything is reduced to points & to winning and losing, making sure every point is correct and nobody is ignoring infractions is obviously essential to diehard fans and to those who bet on the results. Doing what’s right, not so much.

In real life, where “doing what’s right” is or should be more important than scores or statistics, any premise of reducing funding to police must also involve reducing the number of incidents to which police have to be dispatched — a combination of prevention AND of providing qualified professional response [such as specially trained MH paramedics for certain types of non-violent situations] — that’s why such efforts in Eugene OR and Austin TX have been so successful.

IMO, creating “the sky is falling” scenarios like the one below keep us stuck in the status quo instead of looking for possible alternatives.

BTW, one of your previous posts referred to the number of unarmed Blacks shot by police. Apparently that statistic was incomplete. I’m not sure what their definition of “unarmed” meant, or whether it included women — but I’m pretty sure it didn’t include non-shooting deaths. (In other words, a murder such as George Floyd wouldn’t have been counted at all.)

Peter Crownfield

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