Defunding the Police won’t work

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James Knerr, “Defunding the Police won’t work.” Morning Call, August 19, 2020.

With all the talk about defunding the police, let’s take a look at a similar situation i.e. the National Football League.

Since everybody hates the NFL referees anyway, let’s decrease them from seven per game to four per game.

The money that would normally be spent on the other three would then be given to a Football Social Agency. This agency would speak to every player and explain that it is unsportsmanlike to commit penalties like holding, clipping, etc.

Does any reasonable person believe this is going to work in the NFL? Of course not.

Then why would would anybody think it will work in real life?

Think about it, some social agency is going to convince people not to commit crimes and be model citizens. Wow.

Fellow Americans, you better wake up and smell reality before it’s too late.

Pretty funny, eh?

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