Again . . .

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We hold our breath.

It could happen here.

But since nothing like this or near like this has happened in Bethlehem in recent history, Gadfly senses no groundswell over the past weeks to change the system of policing.

However, the information provided about police training at the August 11 Public Safety Committee meeting did not seem to go over particularly well in Gadfly’s opinion.

And Councilwoman Crampsie Smith and Councilman Callahan have voiced support for more training.

There would seem to be in general three ways to foster more training:

  • increasing the police budget
  • an internal change in the way officers are deployed to open up time for training
  • outside funding, grants, etc.

Waiting to exhale.

One thought on “Again . . .

  1. In one of your pairs of comments last week, someone used the hammer-nail analogy to say that if you start with the assumption that there’s a systemic problem, you can find evidence to support it.

    But the same holds true for assuming that police could solve all these problems if they only had more funding, more training, and better management & scheduling. So supporters can find evidence that tends to support that approach.

    Common sense tell us that no matter how good the PD is, not everything is a law-enforcement problem, not every situation is best handled by an armed police officer. So let’s see where some innovative thinking could lead!

    (As Albert Einstein said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’)

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