“The police department is doing a helluva job”

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Public Safety Committee meeting video here

Councilman Callahan praised the police department.

He noted that the tragedy of the Hirko case twenty years ago had the good outcome of requiringBCallahan accreditation, and now we are “year’s ahead” of other police forces, and “Bethlehem is in the top 10 safest cities in the U. S. for cities our size.”

A large majority of Bethlehem residents follow the rules, and that makes our town a great place to live.

Councilman Callahan said he would never vote to defund the police department, but he does agree with the need for more training, though he was glad to learn that certain things have already been prohibited.

The police are only human, they do their best, and they’re doing a “helluva job.”

Councilman Callahan thanked them for their training and professionalism.

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