Bad timing for Gadfly

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Yes, bad timing for Gadfly.

Tonight is the 3rd in the Bethlehem Area Public Library series “Dialogues on Racial Justice: An Introductory Workshop Series on Issues of Systemic Racism in the United States.

Same time as the long awaited Public Safety Committee meeting on the Bethlehem police use of force.

And tonight’s workshop subject?

You guessed it, “”Police Brutality: A Historic Perspective.”

Damnation. The perfect subject to be thinking about.

But this gives Gadfly a great opportunity to say again that one has to really admire the relevant educational programming coming out of BAPL.

And to give you an idea of the substantial impact this “Dialogues” series is having, I’d recommend taking a look at Hannah Provost’s article — “The Construction of Race and How Racism is Maintained: A Conversation Facilitated by Linda Wiggins-Chavis” — in “Southsider.” Yep, that there’s “our” Southside they’re talkin’ about in the title.

And while at “Southsider” be sure to browse around.

The site is stunningly beautiful and intellectually substantial. You’ll find a lot to like.

Gadfly found himself intrigued by Danny Digitall’s “Photography of Living Six-Feet-Apart.”


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