“Transparency and accountability must be structured into the system”

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Transparency and accountability must be structured into the system.

Council has the power and should demand that all data that is not legally
protected personnel data should be publicly available. This should include
researchers who are experts in analyzing and interpreting the data so that
we can actually learn from the data available.

Prof Holona Ochs

For the August 11 Public Safety Committee meeting, we have the following documents online here:

1. Police Department Use of Force Directives (3.1.1)
2. Policing in the City of Bethlehem, 2019
3. A Report on the Use of Force by the Bethlehem Police

Plenty to go through.

These documents, as far as Gadfly knows, are not usually available to the public.

One would think they should be and be the subject of a Public Safety Committee meeting.

Gadfly likes the Prof’s idea of having someone expert in data analysis present when discussions occur.

Followers know that Gadfly has been thinking of other statistical info and reports that Council should have at review times:

  • the police section of the City budget
  • copies of the last two police accreditation reports
  • minority personnel statistics,
  • conduct/misconduct reports and statistics in as granular detail as possible

Gadfly recently noted that the Minnesota state legislature is considering a provision to provide incentives for police officers to live in the city.

What an interesting idea. Gadfly has heard that at one time there was such a requirement for police and perhaps for other city workers as well.

Would put the “community” in community policing.

So Gadfly would be curious to know how many of the 154 (?) police officers live in Bethlehem.

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