It’s time for an enthusiastic effort to engage more of the community

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ref: “Where is the public in this process?”

Thank you for listening and magnifying, Gadfly.

I’ve emailed all council members and the mayor so they could reach out to talk. Apparently they don’t care about meeting the public where they are. “Harsh”? “Critical”? What should we say when our questions are left unanswered?

I recall from the July 27 council meeting Dr. Van Wert saying “we are listening to you“ in response to the many callers speaking on the CEI. And paragraphs were struck and a new line added. That’s not inconsequential but it’s only in response to great pressure. And it’s reluctant.

I think it’s time for more conscious leadership and representation for more progressive policies. And an ENTHUSIASTIC effort to engage so much more of the community than the seemingly few who “show up”. (The city’s Youtube channel only shows about 160 subscribers….) That was me too, until recently.

Who’s interested in developing council candidates along these lines?

Greg Zahm

One thought on “It’s time for an enthusiastic effort to engage more of the community

  1. I really liked Greg’s questions/ comments to Mayor & Council — and I totally agree with this response. Any meaningful community engagement will require those in positions of power and authority to get out of their comfort zone, to leave those ‘safe’ positions.

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