What does Bethlehem City Council need?

Latest in a series of posts about responses to the George Floyd killing

Not what’s happening to the Allentown City Council.

Divisiveness spreads as quickly as the coronavirus.

And divisiveness kills like it too.

What does Bethlehem City Council need right now?

The qualities of all good elected officials.

The patience of Job.

The wisdom of Solomon.

And, if needed, last resort, the right hand of Muhammad Ali.

Gadfly is looking for Job and Solomon right now.

One thought on “What does Bethlehem City Council need?

  1. I don’t think they need the superhuman patience (or blind obedience) attributed to Job or the reportedly exceptional wisdom of Solomon (nor his immense wealth)!

    No free pass because people lack some great talent — but they do need to be willing to respect and consider multiple points of view, treat everyone according to the ‘Golden Rule’, and not use their position to just amplify their personal likes and dislikes.

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