Survey on fresh produce and community gardening

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Many Gadfly followers are members of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op, and follower Burns suggested that a note in BFC’s latest newsletter — “The Sprout” (isn’t that a great name!) — about a Lehigh University research project would be of general interest.

Tip o’ the hat, CB!

Gadfly, for instance, posted several times about community gardening not so long ago and has championed the BFC, the Rose Garden Farmer’s Market, and the new Greenway Farmer’s Market (see Topics on the right-hand sidebar).

Lehigh’s looking for us to take a short survey. Here’s the link.


The purpose of the survey is three-fold:

 to assess the availability of fresh produce in Bethlehem

to assess impediments that exist to community gardening

to identify incentives that would promote community gardening or make it more accessible

Gadfly took the survey. Quick and easy.

Got a minute to help out?

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