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Nextdoor blog comments on Reynolds-Crampsie Smith resolution

Silly Gadfly.

Stupid Gadfly.

Be-careful-what-you-ask for Gadfly.

Yesterday Gadfly flippantly wondered if anybody beyond the 24 people who virtually attended the last City Council meeting  was paying attention to the upcoming Public Safety Committee meeting and the Community Engagement Initiative.

A resident calling in to Council that July 21 about quality of life issues in the City discovered the Reynolds/Crampsie Smith resolution and posted it yesterday on the Nextdoor blog under title of “Bethlehem City Council New Resolution to Limit Police and Change the World.”

Great title.

And the result as of 8am this morning is what you can find on the attached document, all 14 pages of it (and no doubt exponentially growing in the time it took Gadfly to transcribe it.)

Community Engagement is already happening.

Democracies are noisy, rambunctious.

Blogs are no doubt more raucous than resident comment will be at a public meeting, even online, but this “conversation” will give us a taste of what we might expect August 11.

Public Safety Committee chair Colon might at this very moment be checking the bus schedules out of town.

Gadfly suggests we all engage with this engagement.

And perhaps pick 10 comments out of the several hundred that you think we should consider — not necessarily that you like or don’t like, but ones that deserve to be highlighted.

He’d like to receive your lists.

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