“The forest fire is surrounding us”

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So we’re going to try it. Send the kids back to school, that is. Albeit hybridly.

All the news Gadfly listens to links the success of such an endeavor to containing the spread of the virus in our local community.

Which makes Councilwoman Van Wirt’s plea for a commitment to sensibility, a commitment to safety during last week’s City Council meeting even more urgent.

Councilwoman Van Wirt is, we know, Doctor Van Wirt, whose care is specifically devoted to senior care facilities.

She needs to be listened to.

  • We are like firefighters standing in a field, and the forest fire is surrounding us.
  • Please don’t take this for granted.
  • It is not time to sit down and pull out our desk chairs.
  • It is time to start digging the fire ditches deeper. Van Wirt 1
  • We have a chance of keeping this out of our community by practicing all the guidelines as stringently and as frequently as we can.
  • I am so deeply concerned if we don’t do these things right now, things are going to get worse.
  • So while I fully understand the pain this has caused our local businesses, if we don’t get it right, right now, it’s going to be worse in the future.
  • I still have grave and deep concerns.
  • This virus has decimated my personal community where I practice.
  • The death rate in nursing homes is at least 25%.
  • . . . not relaxing our guard.

Let’s not screw this up. The Gadfly’s life you save may be your own.

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