Let it go, Gadfly, let it go

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Martin Tower site looking south from Eaton Ave.


Gadfly’s camera can’t match the magic of the Grubb and Yoshida lenses. Somehow this picture doesn’t adequately capture the glandular response he registered as the South Mountain horizon opened up to him coming up the hill toward 8th Avenue last night. Such a feeling of delightfully open space filled his lungs. Thinking he was as he impulsively stopped the car how awesome it would be if this site were a park or other kind of recreation area sweeping down on the left to the Monocacy from whence you can trail and trail and trail. But, instead, 548 apartments, medical buildings, a gas station — and much, much imperviosity. Another paradise paved.

Grumpy ol’ Gadfly.

The pandemic blues?

3 thoughts on “Let it go, Gadfly, let it go

  1. We surely need more trees and natural areas and less paved areas. It’s hot as blazes and becoming more so.
    Just walk from a park to a parking lot to know this. At what point is our town”full”?
    Do we have any say?

  2. Gadfly, Looks like a wasteland in your photo. I’m still scratching my head at the proposed development plans for this site, especially the over 500 rental housing units. That much housing for transient residents on a roughly fifty acre parcel is downright scary. You have to wonder how that will affect the quality of life in Bethlehem. And, will any of it qualify as affordable? Dana


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