Gadfly’s roof isn’t leaking — yet

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Gadfly lives cozily nestled in the middle of a triple.

When his neighbor’s roof leaks, he gets water.

Since there is no firewall in the open shared attic crawl space, if one neighbor has a fire, that fire will rise up to the attic and then down on Gadfly’s side.

These facts were on Gadfly’s mind as he posted thrice this morning before now.

And as he thinks about the missing Public Safety Committee meeting.

Catch Gadfly’s drift?

Public Safety Committee chair:


One thought on “Gadfly’s roof isn’t leaking — yet

  1. Ed, I’m guessing that your home was built well before the comprehensive building codes that are applied today on new construction. Why are these current codes in effect? Because we learned through trial and error (fires where there was no firewall for example) that we had to do better to protect the health and safety of those who live in shared structures. Like buildings, life circumstances create the demand for updated societal structure, action, if you will. We know the time for action where public safety is concerned is upon us. Delays only create more issues and potentially more danger. Dana


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