Resident chatter around Gadfly’s water cooler about a public safety meeting

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Council meeting Tuesday. Gadfly’s betting that Public Safety Committee chair Colon has found the work-around and we’ll hear about it then. But you just might want to make your wishes known politely:

  • The police made a presentation to the NAACP Community Advisory Board. Have them film that and make it available. In fact, maybe that presentation was filmed or recorded. Follow the format of the “Ask the Mayor” coronavirus “press conferences.” Let people submit questions, then answer them.
  • Possibly hold a series of meetings in town hall, each with the same agenda and limited to X number of participants. A policeman could cut attendance off at a safe number to maintain social distancing; Council Members could attend virtually or in person (the technology set-up already exists at this venue); and, the technology already exists to livestream it.
  • It’s not rocket science.
  • It would be good for a lot of people to be together to hear what other people think and feed off each other’s ideas, but the main idea is for people to talk, express their ideas, so basically you could just use a voting model. People could line up — socially distanced —  like they do at polling places and simply go one-by-one to the mic and say their piece. Don’t delay.
  • All the concerns about access, digital divide, and equity are valid — but they apply equally to the regular Council meeting. If the setup isn’t good enough for the PS meeting, how can it be good enough for the full Council?

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