Resident chatter around Gadfly’s water cooler about police tactics

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pressure points?

  • Those who have served in Bethlehem’s Police Department in the past used “pressure point” handling for controlling suspects and believe it was highly effective. This method sounds like it may be the way to handle physical confrontations without the physically dominating tactics that seem in vogue today. Perhaps this kind of training is worth considering so that the reflex action is not being overwhelmingly physical or kneeling on someone’s head or throat, just simpler measures of taking control with pressure on say a thumb, a forearm, a shoulder, which makes more sense. I’ve been the beneficiary of this kind of method in a demonstration, and it doesn’t take much pressure on the right spot for someone to become compliant.

hmmm . . . interesting . . .

See: Gaining Compliance with Targeted Pressure

“One empty-handed technique that some officers seem to have forgotten is the application of pressure to certain sensitive areas of a suspect’s body to gain compliance.”

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