Councilwoman Negron: “We don’t need another resolution. We need action”

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Gadfly’s day job has slowed him down the past few days. He was working through the discussion of the “Resolution urging the creation of a Community Engagement Initiative in the City of Bethlehem” at the City Council meeting last Tuesday July 7.

Let’s recap: we looked at the in-person comments by people involved in demonstrations and activists in local organizations. We looked at by-phone commentary. Many of these commenters had specific lists of things needing to be done. There was impatience at more talk instead of immediate action. The newspaer characterized the commentary as “lukewarm at best.” Then we looked at rationales presented by the co-sponsors Councilman Reynolds and Councilwoman Crampsie Smith.

We are now ready to look at actual discussion of the resolution by Councilmembers.

The key voice in the discussion was Councilwoman Negron’s. Negron

Public commenters were impatient.

Councilwoman Negron was impatient.

There is incredible information that we need to consider. We don’t need another task force. We need to listen to what’s going on already. We’re not listening. The resolution needs more teeth. There’s research collected here [Prof Ochs, Lehigh University] in the Lehigh Valley. I can’t support window-dressing. We’re just creating another resolution that won’t do anything. We don’t need another resolution, we need action.

To what effect this impatience? See next–

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